Why the Name Brooks Plumb?

Brooks Plum

I feel like a huge part of my practice is being a neighbor and member of this community. Connections with those people in my life are important to me, and to build those connections you need to know about the people you are connecting with. So here is a little about me and where my law firm got its name.

My maiden name was Plumb, yes like the fruit only spelled differently. I grew up right here in Spokane where I had a beautiful deep purple plum tree in my front yard. Of course the tree became a type of symbol for my family. When I was a teenager I moved to Utah where another beautiful plum tree sat in our front yard. Was this tree a coincidence, or did this influence my parent’s decision to buy that particular home, or were plum trees just common in the area? I really don’t know.

In my first few years of adulthood several of the places that I lived just happened to have a plum tree in the yard. I met my husband, whose last name is Brooks. He loved the idea of our family always having plum trees around so we decided that we needed one in our yard we live in now. When we were at a local nursery we discovered something new, something that we never knew existed (although I’m sure many, many other people did know this). There was a specific type of tree, a plum tree, which was called a “Brooks Plum” tree.

How absolutely perfect and incredible that I could not only continue my tradition of having my family tree in my yard, but that my husband now has become a part of that tradition. I decided at that point that while I want my last name to be Brooks legally, I still want to keep the Plumb potion in a large part of my life, I want to still identify with the Plumb name, and I now have a family tree to symbolize this relationship and thus was born The Brooks Plumb Law Firm.